Globally, Diageo is committed to “Drink better, not more.” The brand urges consumers to seriously think about their relationship with alcohol so that the world drinks better.

This campaign, #WalkersSetThePace, decided to make people see that the best way to enjoy Diageo brands is by drinking responsibly. It was based on a finding by behaviour scientist David Halpern. He asserted that in order to encourage a behavioural change without mandating or instructing it, one must make it easy and attractive while harnessing social influence and choosing a time when people are the most receptive.

Hence, #WalkersSetThePace spoke about the interventions needed for a person to have an enjoyable drinking experience, which included pacing alcoholic drinks with the right amount of food and water. It also encouraged people to log on to our DRINKiQ website to understand how one can drink better and make it memorable!

With this campaign, Diageo India outdid its expectations! While the initial objective was to reach out to 7 million people with 50,000 unique visits to DRINKiQ in 8 months, we were able to deliver a reach of 7.4 million and 58,700 visits in less than 4 months!