Reinvigorating Our Communities and Society

Augmenting Public Healthcare Infrastructure

Diageo Plc pledged support for India’s COVID relief efforts which enabled us to take our community efforts a step further to strengthen the public health infrastructure. As part of this initiative:

  • 26 Oxygen Generating Plants were installed with a capacity of 9400 litres per minute, benefitting 900 patients at a time.
  • 6 kilolitres of oxygen tanks provided uninterrupted oxygen supply to 130 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients and 370 non-ICU patients.
  • 9 units of 16-beds and a unit of 8-beds safe prefabricated container hospitals along with oxygen concentrators were provided to 10 districts across India, benefitting 152 patients at a time.
  • Medical equipment was provided to a total of 25 public hospitals across 13 states and 4 armed forces hospitals to address their immediate needs.
  • Support was extended to the Delhi Government with 8 container clinics and 100 oxygen cylinders to the Karnataka Government.