Accelerate to a Low Carbon World

We are taking steps towards curbing carbon emissions and shifting to a more sustainable future. We are pursuing our ambition of achieving 100% renewable energy [RE 100] by doubling on-site solar potential across our manufacturing facilities.

We have started work on Regenerative Agriculture with a special focus on rice, in line with our efforts to reduce our value chain Scope 3 Carbon emissions.

Our progress as of FY 22 is as follows:

  • We are close to achieving our 2026 goal of Net Zero Carbon status by reducing emissions across Scope 1 (emissions resulting from fossil fuel use in operations) and Scope 2 (emissions associated with electricity purchased).
  • We have slashed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by about 95% to less than 6,000 MT CO2e in FY22 versus approx. 1,28,000 MT CO2e in 2007 (baseline year).
  • Our in-house solar energy generation capacity has doubled from 1.3 MW to 2.6 MW and we have successfully achieved over 98% renewable energy use in operations.
  • We have also launched an afforestation drive to plant 80,000 trees to offset residual greenhouse gas emissions.

We are supporting raw material and packaging material suppliers to switch to renewable and low carbon fuel alternatives to reduce scope 3 emissions and are focusing on lowering supply chain emissions by 50% ahead of our 2030 target.