Our Inclusive Communities Approach

We strive for sustainable growth in all areas of our business and our inclusive programmes provide equal access to resources, skills and employment opportunities which helps us achieve that goal.

Our programmes include the provision of business and hospitality skills training, safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and support for smallholder farmers.

To create an all-encompassing and thriving hospitality sector that works for all we have:

  • Provided skills and resources to 1.5 million people through the Diageo Bar Academy.
  • 900 women were trained in various skills that generated sustainable livelihood. 
  • 743 youths were trained in Hospitality Management, CCTV installation, and more. 
  • Trained 925 students in the hospitality sector.
  • Ensured that over 50% beneficiaries of our CSR projects are women.
  • Included 42 People With Disabilities as part of Project Saksham.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Goals

  • Championing gender diversity and achieving 50% women representation in Leadership roles by 2030.
  • Providing business and hospitality skills to 12,000 people, increasing employability and improving livelihoods through ‘Learning for Life’ and our other skill programmes.
  • Ensuring 50% of beneficiaries from our community programmes are women and our community programmes will be designed to enhance diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups.

* Statements on representation are a goal for Diageo India and should not be considered a target