Women power

Woman in India

Sarver, a small village in Madhya Pradesh, did not encourage women to step out of the confines of their homes. This practice was observed for centuries, until one dynamic woman changed everything.

Mina Meena, Sarpanch and President of the Sarver Panchayat Union and Head of the WASH Committee, joined our Project S.H.E and began transforming her village into an ‘Open Defecation Free’ space. Through door-to-door awareness drives, she ensured that within eight months, they collectively improved sanitation practices by building toilets in over 100 households, in the school and the anganwadi in her village.

She has also been instrumental in setting up a resource centre in the Panchayat building. The centre helps villagers fill in documents required to access government benefits around agriculture, widow and old age pensions, rural housing and health, amongst others.