Every drop counts

We have partnered with the Maharashtra government to make the state drought-free by 2019. Under the state government’s ‘JalyuktShivarAbhiyaan’ project, we have adopted three villages near our plants - Karkheli, Yetala and Jarikot, in Nanded district. The aim of the project is to make 500 villages in Maharashtra free from water scarcity over the next three years.

The project encompasses a wide range of initiatives, such as deepening and widening of streams, construction of cement and earthen stop dams, as well as de-silting of ponds. In the three villages that we adopted, de-silting of ponds facilitates increased storage of rain water. The villagers benefit through an increase in irrigated farmland and higher availability of drinking water. The process of de-silting helps unclog dams, and the soil that is dug out, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, fertilises agricultural land.