Corporate Governance

Our ambition is to be among the forerunners in the Indian CPG industry on ESG and create enterprise value. This entails doing business the right way, strategic thinking about the long-term value and impact we create, and the risks and opportunities of our operating environment and business model. In this context, organisational governance assumes paramount importance.

  • Our Board: Our Board comprises diverse, experienced and seasoned professionals with decades of experience to guide our business. The Chairperson of the Board is an Independent Director; the Board also has an adequate representation of Independent Directors (beyond the requirements under Indian law) who serve to preserve value for all shareholders and stakeholders. The Board members also have extensive sector experience and functional expertise in different realms of organisational management.

  • ESG and CSR Committee of the Board: The newly constituted ESG and CSR Committee of the Board has been given the mandate of advising Diageo India on our ambition ‘to lead India's Consumer Product Goods (CPG) on ESG to create Enterprise Value.’

  • ESG Governance at Play:
    • ESG governance is being driven through cross-functional teams with representatives from various functions to manage ESG performance across operations. In addition, this team is driving performance based on the 25 identified ESG goals and presenting the progress to the Board’s CSR and ESG Committee every quarter.
    • Furthermore, the company has started linking the achievement of the ESG goals with the variable compensation paid to the top executives including 6 ESG goals with higher materiality impact.
Corporate Governance