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10 Nov 2023

10th November 2023:  In a world that celebrates self-belief, identity, and progress, Walkers & Co. has emerged as a powerful platform dedicated to honouring and enabling individuals who embody these principles in their unique journeys. This platform, created by Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer, recognizes that true progress is marked by resilience, fluidity, learning, and growth, and it acknowledges the importance of collaboration and co-creation in achieving collective progress. Walkers & Co. testifies to the idea that progress is not a solitary endeavour; it's a collective journey. It's about embracing your identity, forging your path, and making a bold impact on the world as you keep walking. This platform celebrates those who take the first step, who act now, and who relish the experience of being a work in progress. Whether they are contributing to the realms of creativity, inclusion, diversity, or sustainability, Walkers & Co aims to recognize and amplify their stories.

In the past, Walkers & Co. partnered with John Legend to give the Walkers of today a rallying cry with the Keep Walking anthem.

The upcoming campaign by Walkers & Co. is yet another such step of enablement. Going live in early November, this campaign promises to give a national platform to emerging artists who are doing outstanding work in the space of inclusion, diversity and empowerment of the disenfranchised. Billboards in 10 cities across the country – including Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad – will showcase the stories of progress, or "Walks," of Aravani Art Project and Pearl D’souza, giving them a reach of over 4 million. This campaign will then further open up a bigger stage for these Walkers to share their unique experiences and triumphs, allowing them to connect with a wide audience and leave an indelible mark, when it comes to messages of inclusion and equal representation for all.

Aravani Art Project and Pearl D'Souza, the two exceptional artists showcasing their art on Walkers & Co.'s billboards, offer unique and compelling perspectives on life, identity, and progress. Aravani Art Project is a pioneering Indian public art collective. Run by trans and cis women, the project empowers members of the transgender community to paint murals that draw inspiration from their lives and experiences, boldly adorning public spaces. Their vibrant artworks not only celebrate the resilience of the transgender community but also challenge societal norms, making a profound impact on viewers.

Pearl D'Souza, hailing from Goa, India, is a gifted illustrator and visual artist whose work is a testament to her unwavering dedication to gender inclusivity, equal representation and empowerment for women, as well as mental wellbeing. Her art not only showcases her keen eye for local design and storytelling but also serves as a captivating mirror to her fascination with public spaces and their significance in the cultural tapestry.

Commenting on this bold act of enablement, Shweta Jain, CBDO, Premium, Luxury, Reserve & Craft – India and South Asia, Diageo, said “Collaboration, co-creation and supporting communities is at the heart of Walkers & Co. With our current campaign, we wanted to provide a platform big enough that it will take the voice of artists and creators such as Aravani Art Project and Pearl D’Souza to millions of people. Their voices and stories are fostering a dynamic ecosystem of inclusion and diversity through creativity, creating a ripple effect that encourages people to always keep walking.”

Walkers & Co.'s billboard campaign is more than just an art display; it's a celebration of progress, diversity, and collaboration. It offers a platform for emerging artists to tell their stories to a broader audience, inspiring others to take their own bold steps towards progress.

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About Walkers & Co.:


Walkers & Co. is a platform that celebrates those driven by self-belief, their identity and with it, the interlinked idea of progress, both for themselves and the world. Such people are defined by their walk: the milestones, the journey, the resilience, the fluidity, and the learning & growth that comes with it. They are not a lone ranger – in fact, the platform recognises those who collaborate and work with partners, co-conspirators & ecosystems, thereby making a start, taking an action now, and enjoying being a story in progress, whether it is in the space of creativity, inclusion and diversity or sustainability.


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