Diageo India Launches a New Line of Refreshing Mixers; Expands Its Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category in India

31 Mar 2022

India, March 2022: Diageo India announces the launch of two new refreshing carbonated mixers for an enhanced consumer experience, expanding their non-alcoholic beverage category in India. The company introduces the Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer and Black & White Ginger Ale in India for an uplifted in-home or outdoor beverage consumption.

Indian consumers are now on the constant lookout for experiences that are modern and globally inspired, evolving the drinking culture in India. Consumers are at the forefront of this dynamic ecosystem driving contemporary trends where premium mixers have come into play, creating an immersive experience for mixed drinks such as mocktails. Contained in a sleek tin can, the individual premium variants, have been introduced to meet the growing shift in consumer tastes towards consuming refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

Commenting on the launch Abhishek Shahabadi, Vice President & Portfolio Head, Scotch & Premium Whites, Diageo India, said, "New age consumers usually look for refreshing drinks with a bit of flavour. The culture of cocktails has been picking up over the past five years and bartenders have played a vital role in identifying certain consumer tastes and preferences. Consumers have become more decerning and demand mixers that will enhance the flavours of their mixed drinks. We felt a growing demand for bubbly refreshing mixers and ginger concoctions will bode well with the Indian audiences.

Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer: Johnnie Walker refreshing mixer is a non-alcoholic beverage, crafted by some of the brand’s top master blenders, intended to add a refreshing burst to your day.

Black & White Ginger Ale is a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage infused with natural flavours of ginger and citrus making it the perfect fizzy drink made for sharing.

Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer and Black & White Ginger Ale are now available on Bigbasket and Swiggy Instamart in select markets.