Anchored in collective progress, ‘Walkers & Co.’ is here to unleash the power of communities and collaboration

Anchored in collective progress, ‘Walkers & Co.’ is here to unleash the power of communities and collaboration

8 Dec 2022

India, December 8th: ‘Keep Walking’ has always been a rallying cry for progress, an encouragement in adversity, a joyful expression of optimism and the best piece of advice you’re ever likely to hear. In a world that is constantly reinventing, the need to belong, while believing in oneself is higher than ever. In today’s milieu, walking together with communities while celebrating oneself has become an inevitable path to progress.

Walkers & Co. is a platform that celebrates those driven by self-belief, their identity and with it, the interlinked idea of progress, both for themselves and the world. Such people are defined by their walk: the milestones, the journey, the resilience, the fluidity, and the learning & growth that comes with it. They are not a lone ranger – in fact, the platform recognises those who collaborate and work with partners, co-conspirators & ecosystems, thereby making a start, taking an action now, and enjoying being a story in progress, whether it is in the space of creativity, inclusion and diversity or sustainability.

Anchored in collective progress, ‘Walkers & Co.’ is here to unleash the power of communities and collaboration

To mark the launch of Walkers & Co., Sushant Divgikr aka Rani KoHeNur (They/She/He), Indian Drag Royalty, and Hanif Kureshi, renowned contemporary artist, came together to co-create and collaborate for a unique installation and live performative art at Jio World Gardens, Mumbai over the weekend. Speaking about the association, Rani KoHeNur said, “I love the sense of courage and boldness that Walkers & Co. imbues in people. And that is what I brought alive with my performance too!” Adding to this, Hanif Kureshi said, “The world needs more expressions of inclusion and diversity, while realising the need for sustainability. I am honoured to find a platform that honours fresh perspectives and celebrates all those who keep walking towards progress.”

Commenting on the launch of the platform Hina Nagarajan, MD & CEO, Diageo India said, “Inspired by Johnnie Walker, the Walkers & Co. platform is a testament to India’s increasingly diverse & creative culture, and our endeavour is to bring together and celebrate culture changemakers who push boundaries to create a more meaningful community, wherever they are. And it is an ideology that we also bring to work every day. The Founders-Creators of Walkers & Co. in our team and beyond find inspiration in the philosophy of Keep Walking.”

Expressing the excitement around the introduction of Walkers & Co., Shweta Jain, Chief Business Development Officer: Luxury, Reserve & Craft - India & South Asia at Diageo, said, “Johnnie Walker’s rallying cry - Keep Walking stands for constant evolution. It has inspired generations to move forward, better the next. Walkers & Co. is a collective community platform meant to shape culture with acts, conversations and uber cool releases. By, from and for the people who constantly challenge the status quo. The platform is poised to be a powerful catalyst for collaboration and co-creation between individuals to harness and unleash the true power of the collective, and building strong, supportive communities that help the society to always move forward. We can’t wait for you all to take this journey with us!