Sustainability & Responsibility Targets Fulfilled in 2019-2020

26 Aug 2020

As we aim to be a winning organisation that prospers continually, we have an important role to play in giving back to our communities and environment. With this in mind, we ensure that we have a positive impact where we live, work, source and sell.


As we do our best to create a positive outlook towards our business and alcohol, we do believe in giving back to and building thriving communities, while also reducing our environmental impact by sustainably carrying out our operations as far as possible.

Grain-to-Glass Sustainability

Our ‘Grain-to-Glass Sustainability’ aims to reduce our environmental impact by driving us to use resources responsibly and sustainably. This has lead to a reduction in the production of carbon and waste, while also making us proud of our use of sustainable packaging and our water stewardship. 

With our continuous efforts, our most recent target achievements include:
100% replenishment in
community areas where water is extracted for manufacturing

79% decrease in
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 

54% increase in
improvement in water efficiency in our operations 

45% increase in
recycling of content packaging

Having achieved our water target two years ahead of time, we have ambitious targets for the near future, that include further improving our water efficiency and targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas, waste and plastic usage. 

Building Thriving Communities

We ensure that our efforts to improve the lives of communities in areas we function in offer beneficial and sustained results. We do this by providing clean, safe and potable water to many of these communities, while also empowering the women of their community with skills and more. 

Our flagship campaign that has been recognised by the United Nations Global Road Safety Forum, ‘Road To Safety’ partners with State Governments to make our roads safer. Through this campaign, we have received 3.1 million pledges for people to not drink and drive. Additionally, 5,224 traffic police officials, teachers and students have been educated by this campaign. 89.2 million people have been reached through the ‘Road To Safety’ media campaign as well. 

Project S.H.E (Security. Health. Education) focuses on communities around our bottling plants and ensures water security, community health and skill training for employability. Our WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health) interventions too help generate a sustained impact on communities with its role in empowering women to identify and solve challenges related to water, sanitation and livelihoods. Our value for women empowerment and inclusion in all areas of work and society has also resulted in there being 19% gender diversity amongst our workforce. 

Between 2019-2020, we reached 25.6 Million with our social responsibility programmes.