#EachForEqual: International Women’s Day 2020

13 Mar 2020

International Women’s Day 2020, with the theme #EachForEqual was celebrated across the country. This year’s theme encourages collective action to help create an equal world, as an equal world is an enabled world. As equality and allyship go hand in hand, the theme #EachforEqual was moulded further to mean ‘Allyship’. An ally is anyone who champions inclusion and diversity either through their daily behaviour and actions, or by implementing change through their work in the community. With the more allies we have, collectively we can help in creating a more powerful and collaborative workplace, industry, and community. 

Meet our Allies

In the following series of short films, each interviewee shares their powerful experience of contributing to a culture of inclusion and talk about being allies for change.

Anand Kripalu - MD & CEO, Diageo India 

“It extends to empowering women throughout our value chain, from grain to glass. As well as using our brands, our biggest assets to promote gender equality.” 
Anand Kripalu speaks about gender equality and how he believes that every person at Diageo has a role in collectively coming together to be allies that can build a powerful, collaborative workplace.


Abanti Sankaranarayanan - Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer, Diageo India

For Abanti Sankaranarayanan, being an ally means encouraging everyone to participate and voice their thoughts. “I encourage team members to ask questions. In fact, I ask people to challenge me in the way I am thinking.” Watch her talk about how sustained professional growth is possible when allies lend their support and advice. 


Mamta Sundara - General Counsel, Diageo India

What is that one thing that we care about so much that we will offer support and Allyship every single time even when we are not asked?” says Mamta. She talks about the allies she’s encountered during her career and with her family.

Watch her message on why paying it forward as a mentor has been a very rewarding experience for her.


Savita Pai - President- Digital Marketing and Media

Savita Pai thinks that an ally is a good friend who could be someone senior, a peer or a teammate – a sounding board who gives you the right perspective. “My biggest ally is my husband. He has been a partner in crime as well as a partner in all the choices I have made professionally.” Listen to what else she has to say about Allyship.


Pooja Sha - Brand Marketing Manager, Diageo India

Pooja Sha believes in being an ally to represent women fairly and positively in Diageo’s communication. “We as marketers have the power to normalize gender equality with what we choose to show in our ads.” Watch her speak on the subject in the following video.