United Spirits Limited closes the transaction involving the sale and franchise of select Popular brands to Inbrew

30 Sept 2022 | Press release

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Bengaluru, 30 September 2022: Further to the announcement on 27th May 2022, United Spirits Limited today announces that it has (i) completed the slump sale of the entire business undertaking associated with 32 brands in the ‘Popular’ segment to Inbrew Beverages Private Limited (“Inbrew”) and (ii) given effect to the franchise of 11 other brands in the ‘Popular’ segment in favour of Inbrew for a period of five years, with an option for Inbrew, subject to certain conditions, (a) to convert the fixed term franchise arrangement into a franchise arrangement with perpetual rights to use; and / or (b) to acquire such brands (collectively, the “Transaction”).

The transaction reflects our sharpened focus on ‘Prestige & Above’ and is a significant step forward in the service of our publicly stated mission to deliver sustained double-digit profitable top-line growth.