2 Aug 2021 | Press release

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The “Family Leave Policy” which encompasses surrogacy, adoption, and biological conception, is applicable to all eligible employees, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

National, 2nd August 2021: Diageo India announced a “Family Leave Policy”, as part of its commitment to build a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. The “Family Leave Policy” offers all eligible employees a 26-week parental leave, comprising all benefits and bonuses, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. This policy takes into consideration surrogacy, adoption, and biological conception. The Family Leave Policy is yet another step by Diageo India in fulfilling its ambition of supporting gender equality and creating a fully inclusive and diverse workforce. It aims to eliminate any perceived hurdles to career progression.

Effective 30th July 2021, this policy is applicable to all new parents, and can be availed by new fathers anytime within 12 months of the birth/ adoption of the child, thereby allowing the mother to better manage her career as well as other priorities. Through this comprehensive and flexible policy, Diageo India intends to challenge conventional norms associated with motherhood, such as the “primary-caregiver”. Every employee is encouraged to equally focus on the joy of raising a new family; while continuing to thrive at work, ensuring that they can spend quality time and bond with their child.

Commenting on the new policy, Aarif Aziz, Chief Human Resources Officer, Diageo India said, “At Diageo India, championing inclusion and diversity is central to our purpose of celebrating life, every day, everywhere. Our new “Family Leave Policy” is testament to this purpose. With the introduction of this policy, we recognize that all employees, regardless of gender or sexual orientation deserve an equal opportunity to avail of paid parental leave to cherish time with their new family. We believe that this will pave the way to greater equality, and talent is retained and nurtured. We take immense pride in being one of the few companies in India to introduce such a policy, and hope it soon becomes an industry norm.”

 In addition to parental leave, the “Family Leave Policy” offers Diageo India employees a host of other benefits and opportunities to enable them to optimize their career goals and ambitions, as well as personal lives. This includes 26-weeks maternity leave, flexible working hours, creche allowance, maternity, and surrogacy coverage, up to 10-weeks leave in the unfortunate event of miscarriage, and many more benefits.