Black & White Scotch collaborates with Michelin Star Chef Patron Heston Blumenthal

8 Nov 2021 | Press release

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The whisky from the house of Diageo announced a collaboration to celebrate the Magic of Sharing

  • Launches as the centerpiece of the campaign – a website called “The Journal of Sharing” – virtual collection of food and drink recipes for those who love to share
  • Unveils a first of its kind limited edition pack – ‘The Secret Recipe Journal”, Chef Heston’s collection of recipes curated exclusively for Black & White that encases a bottle of the scotch in a book-like cover. 

India, October 2021: Black & White Scotch whisky, from the house of Diageo announced a collaboration with Michelin Star Chef Patron Heston Blumenthal to celebrate the brand’s purpose of sharing. The association is all set to blend the Black & White brand world with Chef Heston's culinary innovations to inspire people to create and share their food and cocktail recipes which will be featured in this one-of-a-kind Journal of Sharing website.

The Journal of Sharing is a collection of Chef Heston's select signature recipes along with creations of some renowned Indian chefs and enthusiasts. Through the journal, the brand aims to inspire audiences to embark on their own journey of experiments with food and drinks. Consumers are encouraged to contribute their personal recipes and experiences, on the website, sharing the space along with Chef Heston.

To give this shared journal a physical form, Black & White scotch has introduced a limited-edition pack, Chef Heston Blumenthal’s Secret Recipe Journal – that houses his curation of exclusive cocktail recipes, food masterpieces and the secret ingredient - a bottle of Black & White Scotch whisky. Consumers can scan the QR code on the pack which extends the experience onto the website, enabling them to upload their photo and recipe contributions.

Commenting on the association, Chef Heston Blumenthal said, “I'm ecstatic to be collaborating with Black & White Scotch and do some great work together. Black & White is a scotch that is smooth and balanced and has an ability to mix well with a spectrum of flavours. It tastes best when paired with good food which is why I have picked it as one of the canvases for my culinary creations and food pairing. The aim is to take the audience on a sensory voyage of flavors, memories, and emotions with Black and White Scotch and the Journal of Sharing is a great way to bring alive the magic of sharing.”


Abhishek Shahabadi, Vice President and Portfolio Head, Premium & Luxury Portfolio, Diageo India added, “Black & White has always been a flavourful whisky that is made for sharing and mixing. It is a brand that fits right into the millennial culture, breaking the formal codes of traditional scotch whisky. The liquid is easily mixable which makes it ideal for great serves and pairing with food. Chef Heston Blumenthal is a world-renowned expert whose proficiencies with multi-sensory cooking, food pairing and flavor encapsulation, make him a natural fit to magnify the brand’s culinary passion point. With the launch of the Journal of Sharing, we explore Chef Heston’s craft and openly share it with the world, aiming to spark inspiration in consumers to explore their culinary talent and share their own recipes and stories”

Consumers can contribute to the Journal of sharing by clicking here and avail the Secret Recipe Journal across outlets in India.