1 Dec 2020 | Press release

Today, Diageo has highlighted its commitment to drinking in moderation, with the release of The Balance Challenge, an augmented reality (AR) Instagram filter designed to encourage people to swap an alcoholic drink with water and raise money for WaterAid in the process.

The challenge demonstrates the importance of balance, allowing users to balance virtual water vessels on some unusual parts of their bodies by matching a series of on-screen poses.

To date the challenge has seen bartenders and celebrities around the globe take part in the fun campaign, helping remind people over the festive period about the importance of drinking in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle. All participants are encouraged to donate the cost of an alcoholic drink to international charity, WaterAid.

“The Balance Challenge” follows the launch of Society 2030: the Spirit of Progress, Diageo’s ten year sustainability action plan. One of the goals is to reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation from its brands by 2030 and the “Balance Challenge” will help deliver against this.  

Diageo Chief Marketing Officer, Cristina Diezhandino, explained why they have launched the Balance Challenge: “As people celebrate this festive period, there are some simple tips that can help people to enjoy their drink responsibly. Drinking water as a spacer between drinks is one of the simplest ways people can moderate their alcohol intake and our new campaign is a fun and engaging way to bring this to life.

“We are determined to reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation by 2030. This festive season we are raising awareness through some light social media entertainment, the ‘Balance Challenge’, which we hope will remind people of the simple things they can do to enjoy their drink responsibly. This campaign will also raise funds for WaterAid who we’ve been passionate supporters of for over a decade, helping to give over 100,000 people access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.”

WaterAid Director of Communications and Fundraising, Marcus Missen, added how the campaign would support the charity’s work: “The Balance Challenge is an entertaining way for people to up their water intake, while supporting a good cause. We’re delighted Diageo chose us as their partner on this AR filter; the money raised will help transform lives around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how important it is that everyone has clean water and soap to help stop the spread of the disease, yet 1 in 10 people have no access to clean water and millions more lack decent toilets and good hygiene.  Simply by doing your best balancing act and donating the cost of a drink to WaterAid, you can help get these essentials to communities that need them most, improving lives and livelihoods.” 

Diageo Global Cocktailian, Lauren Mote, added why the Balance Challenge was so important to the bar industry: “Bar owners and bartenders around the world want people to enjoy great drinks. Helping people make great choices about alcohol is a fundamental part of this. The Balance Challenge is a fun way to remind people about the importance of a balanced lifestyle and support a very worthy cause. So, go on! Have a go and see how many of the super easy poses you can pull in 10 secs, tag your friends and donate the cost of your favourite alcoholic drink to WaterAid.”

To participate in #TheBalanceChallenge, click on the effects icon in the Instagram app and search for ‘TheBalanceChallenge’. People can donate the cost of an alcoholic drink (or more) to WaterAid through Instagram’s ‘donate’ sticker.