Pune Gourmet Club Wine Festival

11 Dec 2010 | Press release

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Pune, 11 & 12 December 2010 : Pune Gourmet Club held its 4th wine tasting festival on the 11th & 12th of December at Rohi Villa Palace, Pune. The event not only witnessed participation of numerous Indian wineries but also saw some imported wines from France, Italy and Australia. 

Four Seasons showcased and sampled their range of varietal and reserve wines with all wine enthusiasts who visited the stall. Clive Castellino, Wine Educator USL, also conducted a “Wine Appreciation” session for a group of 60 people on the first day of the event. 

With 1900 people visiting over two days, the event was a success. Besides Four Seasons, the event saw other wineries like Jacobs Creek, Nine Hills, Revielo, Zampa, York Winery etc. sampling their wines.