Antiquity Club Fusion Celebrates Fusion of the Finest Music in Seven Cities amidst much fanfare

29 Jul 2010 | Press release

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Antiquity, the fusion of the finest from India and the world and the most expensive Indian label, got the blue blooded fusion music aficionados grooved with the first of its kind Antiquity Club Fusion Tour with Stereo Nation and D Major. The 7-city Antiquity Club Fusion  tour with live musical club concerts across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh, celebrated and recognized individualist talents of the two iconic bands to bring alive the finest in Asian fusion music.

This concert witnessed the ultimate fusion of the best Indian crossover and Western R&B by Stereo Nation and D Major, who came together to create a magical culmination of sounds and melodies.

Added Debashish Shyam, Business Head, United Spirits Limited, “Our ability to innovate and utilize effective platforms to connect with our target audience, has always helped us stand out and prove our brand dominance over others. Though some mediums lose their relevance over time, Music has always been and will always be a valuable way to send out our message. Though the Antiquity Club Fusion’s 7 city tour has ended, I am confident, that through this activity, we have successfully showcased its brand proposition- the delectable & unforgettable fusion of the finest of India and the world.”

At each of the cities, The Prince of Crossover Music, Singer and Songwriter, Taz ofStereo Nation performed songs from his latest album “Twist and Shout”. Taz is credited with being the pioneer of cross-cultural Asian fusion music. He became an embodiment of cross-cultural music in mid 90s and heralded a new era in which crossover music became the pursuit of many young British Asians thus giving birth to a new genre of music. His music is best described as a hybrid of Traditional Asia fused with Western pop sensibility, infectious melodies and dynamic dance grooves. Taz’s new album is embellished with strong melodies and catchy lyrics that definitely touched the hearts of everyday people and set the dance floor on fire. Added Taz“Music is an expression that transcends boundaries and brings people together through a seamless fusion of cultural beats and lyrics. Antiquity Club Fusion Tour was a celebration of this new seamless community from across the world and India. I am proud of the reflections of several Asian cultures in my music which also explains the overwhelming acceptance of my albums across continents. We created a new jugalbandi with the vivacious, popular, and successful DMajor Trio- Anusha, Shibani and Apeksha. Together, we stroked chords that will make the Antiquity Club Fusion tour a memorable one. On this occasion, I was proud to launch my new album, Twist. I appreciate all the support from media, the sponsors- Antiquity, and the organizers for the Antiquity Club Fusion Tour.” 

To key in the right notes of fusion, the concert also featured, D Major, the all-girls band formed by VJ Anusha and her sisters Shibani & Apeksha. D Major is the only all girls band to have successfully blended music representing the Indian culture and western influence and hence their songs do not limit itself to a genre. With influence across R&B, Pop, Indian Classical & Rock, they are bound to strike the right chord with the contemporary music lovers. 

Added Anusha, “There is a famous saying – Lightening doesn’t strike twice. Antiquity Club Fusion platform and D Major’s coming together with the world famous Taz, was definitely one such musical providence. Fusion music today brings you closer to your world counterparts irrespective and inculcates respect and acceptance for the rich world cultures. Apeksha, Shibani and I are honored to have anchored this seven city tour to bring the finest from D Major and join hands with Taz to create a unique confluence of fusion music. Not to forget, the role of Antiquity from Dr Mallya’s portfolio and the organizers in making this feat possible.” 

The highlight of the evening at each of the location was a jam performance by Stereo Nation and D Major which will definitely be remembered by all present at the event.