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A new world of sustainable, modern, mindful Indian luxury!

Established 2022

Discover the spirit of the desert, Godawan, an artisanal single malt from a singularly exceptional environment. We are born in Rajasthan— a land whose people have a longstanding tradition of living in harmony with nature and crafting stunning beauty from its precious resources. With Godawan, the majestic and endangered Great Indian Bustard that also finds its home in Rajasthan, as its mark of heritage, our single malt pays tribute to this nurturing spirit of the land. As a unique single malt from a warm, dry climate, we are made with locally-sourced six-row barley, matured at temperatures often reaching as high as 100°F and finished using exceptional cask architecture curated with rare Indian botanicals. Our commitment to our craft extends to our land and its people. Our Alwar distillery is water positive & we have a permanent commitment towards the conservation of The Great Indian Bustard. We also work with local communities to provide them with water security. We push the boundaries of whisky-making through innovative processes to reveal incredible depths of flavour, making Godawan truly the spirit of the desert.