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Relax and unwind with Black Dog

Established in 1883

Sir Walter Millard understood that nature relies on the harmonious interaction of its elements, a philosophy that he applied to his passions of whisky making and fly fishing. In both, he believed that by beautifully balancing diverse forces and by understanding and working in synchronicity with time and space, extraordinary results could be achieved. Refined, sociable and charismatic, Black Dog encourages achievers to savour the pause.

Black Dog


We believe making time for yourself is an investment. And Black Dog makes that investment luxurious. Let the world wait.


In a flash of inspiration, Sir Millard named the new blend after his favourite salmon fishing fly: Black Dog Scotch.


  • Two stars from the International Taste and Quality Institute
  • Silver in the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2005
  • Bronze at the International Spirits Challenge

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