Technical centre

The core purpose of this centre is to enable innovation, inspire possibilities through advancement in material science and accelerate the delivery of risk-mitigated packaging change projects.


A globally-renowned research and development unit benchmarked to international quality standards, this centre drives us to create new experiences and products for our consumers. Established in 1989 with only 10 staff members, it has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility with specialised laboratories, which are spread over 20,000 sq. feet and have 25 experienced domain scientists. The centre began by developing products for local markets and providing support to manufacturing units on quality control. Today it is a best-in-class facility for industry-leading innovation and reinventing existing liquids that cater to global tastes.

The centre plays a pivotal role in accelerating translation of consumer insights into technically validated packaging designs for delivering great consumer experiences while also meeting Diageo’s sustainability commitment.

The cutting-edge technology and processes at our centre have helped steer the growth and expansion of our product portfolio, through new products, reinvented liquids, and packaging.

The Technical Centre is known to be an innovator for the industry and has several firsts to its credit: the first pre-mixed gin, the first tetra pack in the spirits industry in India, the first single malt manufactured in Asia and many more. The makeover of the iconic McDowell’s No1 with a superior taste, contemporary appeal and sustainable packaging, as well as the new Royal Challenge with a new blend and a bold new look, are two of the latest renovations to come out of the centre. The Hipster packs produced from here too are a contemporary and stylish portable format for scotch to suit millennials is a consumer favourite that has won several awards.

We leverage this centre for networking with the external ecosystem of research institutes, academia, global R&D and scientific communities, to build leading-edge capabilities to stay ahead in meeting consumer needs and our business priorities.