Working at Diageo

Team in Diageo India Offices

Our values and strong performance culture form the base of our people philosophy. We strongly believe that every person is unique and we create an environment that celebrates their individuality. We hire people with different perspectives because we believe that their individual strengths can collectively accelerate our growth as a business.

We pride ourselves on our diverse workforce and on being inclusive. We have been actively working towards narrowing the gender gap and have specific goals, actions and milestones in place.

We also understand that growth and learning is an important part of everyone’s life, which is why we ensure we help our people develop both as professionals and as leaders. We have invested in structured learning and development programmes that help people identify and build relevant capabilities and be responsible for their own growth.

At the same time we celebrate and reward the work our people do. Positive work-life balance, peer-to-peer and team recognition, flexible policies, and fun activities are just some of the ways in which we make the workplace engaging.

The right kind of environment is key to the success of our people, and our brand. Simply put, this is what makes Diageo India a great place to work.

Exciting. Challenging. Rewarding. This is Diageo India.