The benchmark for blended whiskies

VAT 69 bottle

“No matter what it takes” was the philosophy, Sir William Sanderson followed all his life blending the finest quality Scotch Whiskies in specially bonded warehouses under his personal supervision. When it came to choosing his best blend back in 1882, William went a step ahead & decided to put a hundred of his best blends through a gruelling tasting test judged by the best whisky experts of his time in Scotland. VAT numbered 69 beat all the other blends to become what is today THE FAMOUS “VAT69”.



VAT 69 bottle


Each bottle of VAT 69 carries the same stencilled lettering, the illustrious signature of Sir William Sanderson and the Sanderson family seal of the Talbot Hound, which are testament to the authenticity.


VAT 69 was chosen out of a hundred blends by the finest connoisseurs of the 1880s.

VAT69 Range

Enjoy the well balanced taste of fruit and spice of one of the first Scotch Whiskies to land on the shores of India.

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