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Enriching lives and communities through good business

Our business activities directly affect the lives of millions of people in the markets we operate. We firmly believe that the communities we operate in should benefit from our presence. Our Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy integrates social responsibility into our core business to create value for society and our shareholders.

Preventing the harmful use of alcohol – We understand our responsibility to develop, produce, market and sell our brands responsibly. We also believe in shared responsibility with individuals, families, governments, law enforcers and educators to address alcohol misuse. Our partnerships and programmes focus on preventing drink driving, underage drinking and excessive drinking, which we believe will help reduce the misuse of alcohol in society.

Building sustainable communities – Our bottling plants and distilleries are mostly situated in semi-urban and rural areas, where communities often lack basic infrastructure necessary for dignified living. Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities revolve around providing access to clean drinking water, sanitation, healthcare facilities, education and employable skills to bridge this developmental gap.

Empowering women – Empowerment means a woman’s right to have choices, opportunities and access to resources – all of which improve her sense of self-worth and ability to influence society and the economy. Educating women provides the highest return on investment for those seeking to create stronger communities in the developing world. Our Project S.H.E (Security. Health. Education) aims to empower women, particularly in the communities around our manufacturing plants.

Sustaining the environment – We are committed to pursuing sustainable growth not just for today but for generations to come. Environment protection has become a strategic priority as we strive to minimise the environmental impact of our business in the areas where we operate. These include taking a water-neutral approach, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our use of renewable energy.

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Responsible Drinking

We are aware of the importance of being responsible about our brands, and the way we develop, produce and sell them. As the world’s leading premium drinks business, we want to be at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible drinking and reduce the harmful use of alcohol. We continuously collaborate not just with individuals and families but also with governments, educators and law enforcers to reduce alcohol misuse and ensure responsible drinking.

With over 1,45,000 fatalities a year, India accounts for 12.5% of global road accident fatalities. ‘USL-Diageo’s Road to Safety’ is a signature intervention that addresses drink driving and the broader cause of Road Safety.

We are a signatory to the Global Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to reduce harmful drinking, aligned with the World Health Organization’s goal to reduce the harmful use of alcohol by 10 per cent by 2025. The key action areas under this pledge are: reducing underage drinking, strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice, providing consumer information and responsible product innovation, reducing drink driving, and enlisting the support of retailers.

Intervention Areas:

  • Drink Driving
    • Road to Safety Campaign
      The Diageo-USL-IRTE Road to Safety campaign began in 2014 to promote road safety in India, in partnership with the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) and supported by the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. The campaign is targeted at the groups most relevant to the drink driving issue and also seeks to empower those on the frontline of battling this menace. The four interventions of this campaign are.
      • Capacity-building training programmes for traffic officials
      • Drink driving awareness for commercial drivers such as truckers and bus drivers
      • Donation of breathalysers to police departments
      • Alcohol awareness education for underage and college students
      The programme has been conducted in 50 cities covering 19 States and Union Territories. Over 3800 police officers and 5000 commercial vehicle drivers have been trained so far. In addition, alcohol awareness workshops have been held in nine universities to reach out to 6000 students.
  • Underage Drinking
  • Alcohol Abuse and Excessive Drinking

1) Partnering the Media

This high decibel USL-Diageo Road to Safety consumer campaign was launched in 2014 with media partner NDTV and reached out to consumers across various touch-points and media including radio, television, and digital initiatives. Mr. Nitin Gadkari - Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping, launched the second year of the campaign at a panel discussion against the iconic backdrop of the Gateway of India. So far, thousands of people have signed up to pledge their commitment to ‘Never Drink and Drive’.

The television campaign features stories on the impact of drunk driving and episodes that promote road safety awareness. On ground, walkathons and other activities were organised to create awareness about road safety. A ‘drive sober’ consumer activation was held in pubs across 8 metro cities and 3200 free safe rides offered.

In 2015, USL-Diageo entered into a multi-city partnership with the Hindustan Times Group to educate readers on road safety, and with special emphasis on the dangers of drink driving. The publication ran editorial features for over two months on the issues of road safety, making road safety a part of everyday conversations.


DRINKiQ is a unique initiative from Diageo that leverages an interactive resource to help combat alcohol misuse and to promote responsible drinking through sharing of best practice tools, information and initiatives. DRINKiQ workshops are organised for senior police and traffic police officials, alcohol industry, the media, road safety volunteers, F&B personnel, bartenders, wait staff and others. Online portal www.drinkiq.com spreads awareness on:

Facts about alcohol

How alcohol affects us

Your role as a responsible consumer

What USL-Diageo is doing

The website is rich in information and facts covering how alcohol is made, the nutritional values of drinks, the body’s metabolism and processing of alcohol, how to teach children about alcohol, how to have a great night out without adverse consequences, etc. Designed as an interactive portal, it works through various tools, such as a `Drink Calculator’ that helps determine how many calories there are in popular drinks like beer, wine and spirits.

Through graphical representation, the website informs consumers on how long it takes for alcohol to be processed in your body, or how much exercise one needs to work off the consumed calories. Such information is designed to help people make informed choices and consume alcohol responsibly.

3) Towards A Responsible Future

United Spirits has partnered with industry members to reach out to students in a nationwide campaign against underage drinking. The campaign focusses on life skills to instil confidence in teenagers to make the right choices, and not succumb to peer or societal pressures. The initiative is aligned to our commitment to support the WHO goal of reducing harmful use of alcohol by 10 per cent by the year 2025.

The programme raises awareness on the harmful effects of irresponsible consumption of alcohol from a young age. Launched in 2015, it addresses students of Classes IX to XII of government and private schools across Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, in the first phase.

The campaign teaches 5 of the 13 essential life skills identified by the United Nations: understanding oneself and communicating with others; problem-solving and decision-making; and healthy living and recreational skills. The tools used are discussions, group work, worksheets, multimedia, role plays, and games.

So far, over 25000 students have been reached through the campaign.

4) Responsible Marketing

Our purpose is to celebrate life responsibly, everyday, everywhere. Our ambition is to create the best performing, most trusted and respected Consumer Products Company in India.

We are aware of the positive, and sometimes negative role alcohol can play in the lives of individuals and in society. We understand our responsibility to develop, produce, market and sell our brands responsibly. For us, world-class marketing means not just responsible marketing, but also marketing responsible drinking.

United Spirits was one of the early signatories of the global code of self-regulation in marketing as a member of the Global Alcohol Producers Group (GAPG).

Our Marketing Code and our Digital Code of Practice is a mandatory marketing standard governing our marketing and promotional activities and guides activity at every step of our value chain – from research to packaging.

We consider this code as an enabler to great creativity and leading edge marketing and we hope it inspires all our stakeholders to continue to work together with us, to deliver responsible alcohol marketing and effective self-regulation across the industry and the globe.


Under the umbrella of the USL-Diageo Road To Safety Campaign, USL-Diageo embarked on a pioneering initiative together with the Government of Odisha to release the first ever audit report findings on road safety in the state. The audit was conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) and the International Spirits and the Wines Association of India (ISWAI) with the support of the Transport, Excise and Police Department of the Government of Odisha.

The audit report findings have paved the way for the creation of traffic management capacity building within the state. This was followed by training in road accident investigation and traffic management for police officers of the Bhubaneshwar-Cuttack region, and an exhaustive road traffic engineering and safety audit course for engineers of the road department.

“The successful execution of this project as a result of a partnership with various industry bodies is a progressive step forward to ensure safety of our people by upgrading our own internal capacity. We are confident we will soon see a reduction in road traffic accidents in the State of Odisha.” - Mr. Aditya Prasad Padhi, Chief Secretary, Government of Odisha

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No community can thrive and no progress can be sustained without the inclusion and equal participation of women. Even though women are critical to global progress, and to the development of every nation, women remain among the most uneducated and under-empowered constituents of the world population.

USL-Diageo are committed to empowering women across all socio-economic profiles, particularly in the developing world and in India where women make up only 24-29% of the workforce, among the lowest in the world. Empowering one woman through education and learning means she will benefit four more around her, something which is known as the multiplier effect’.

Our education and learning initiatives provide women with an enabling environment to nurture their inherent potential, and also give them access to resources to ensure inclusive growth and holistic progress.

With many inspiring success stories, the USL-Diageo women empowerment campaign has become a driving force for transforming disadvantaged women into empowered human beings contributing to society in equal measure along with men. These programmes are targeted at women and adolescent girls particularly those living in the communities around our manufacturing plants, to provide them with employable skills training to enhance their livelihoods and augment their economic empowerment.

USL-Diageo has several programmes in India to empower women:
Micro Enterprise Development
Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development
Project S.H.E (Security. Health. Education)

1) Building Communities

Project S.H.E (Security. Health. Education) is a grass-roots programme to benefit communities around our bottling plants, which are situated in semi-urban and rural areas and lack basic infrastructure necessary for dignified living. S.H.E focuses on:

Ensuring Water Security: Making clean drinking water available
Ensuring Community Health: Preventive care and healthcare for women, young mothers and adolescent girls
Providing Education: Employable skills training

In its first phase, Project S.H.E has benefited over 40,000 people in the villages around our plants in Bhopal, Gopalpur, Alwar, Puducherry and Udaipur. It provides access to clean drinking water through installation of RO water purification systems and borewells; improved sanitation through construction of toilets and drainage systems; primary health care; and employable skills.

Water conservation projects are also being undertaken in these villages including the construction of soak pits, check dams and rainwater harvesting structures. Our pond desilting projects have enhanced their storage capacity and improved the water tables in those areas.

To change the mindsets and behaviour, and make the adoption of good sanitation, hygiene practices and groundwater management a priority for these villages, we have facilitated Water-Sanitation- Health (WASH) committees at the panchayat level. These committees have become a strong force for driving positive change.

2) Empowering Women

The Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YWSEDP) programme is being run by USL-Diageo in partnership with the British Council of India to help women from marginalised backgrounds become self-reliant and integrated into the mainstream of progress. The programme module developed by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode is focused on building social enterprise skills and includes practical business skills such as management, finance, communications, leadership, marketing and fundraising. The programme began in 2014 and has trained 60 Master Trainers from NGO’s and institutes who in turn trained over 4000 women through a series of trainings.

“We believe in the larger purpose of businesses going beyond numbers. At USL, making a meaningful difference in the lives of people we live and work with is embedded in our business model as well as our culture and philosophy.”


When she first met with the NGO Bangla Natak, 35-year-old Putul and her family were earning a mere ` 2000-5000 per month from making Dokras. Married at a young age, Putul had been initiated into her husband’s age-old family business of Dokra making from the moment she stepped into her marital home in Bikna village in West Bengal. However, survival remained a challenge till Putul decided to join the Rural Craft Hub programme run by Bangla Natak to upgrade her skills.

At the programme, Putul stood out as the brightest and most hardworking student and was selected for the Diageo-British Council Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YWSEDP) in July 2014. There she learnt essential entrepreneurial skills needed to start and run a business, manage finances and find markets for products. Within a year of completing the training, Putul’s earnings had dramatically increased to ` 20000-30000!

4) Towards a Swachh Bharat

From reticence to even talking about sanitation to working proactively on improving it, Goondpur village of Alwar district in Rajasthan stands as a shining example of realising the vision of the government’s ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. Energised by the intervention of our Project S.H.E, the villagers are collaboratively working on improving the health and sanitation systems in the village.

Together with NGO partner Gram Uday, USL-Diageo worked with local authorities, villagers, local Government school, village Health Centre and the village Panchayat to organise health camps and collaborative discussions to change attitudes on sanitation and hygiene.

Led by a young and dynamic Sarpanch, the people of Goondpur committed themselves to becoming an ‘Open Defecation Free’ village by 2017 and voluntarily contributed for the cause and also applied and received Swachh Bharat funding to build individual household toilets.

44 toilets of the 418 sanctioned have been completed in 2015-16.

5) Woman Power

Sarver, a small village in Madhya Pradesh that for centuries did not encourage women to step out of the confines of their homes. One dynamic woman has changed all that - Smt. Mina Meena, Sarpanch and President of the Sarver Panchayat Union and Head of the WASH Committee.

Collaborating with USL’s Project S.H.E, Smt. Mina has begun to transform her village into an ‘Open Defecation Free’ village. Through door-to-door awareness drives, she ensured that within 8 months they improved sanitation practices by building toilets in over 100 households, in the school and the anganwadi in her village.

She has been instrumental in setting up a resource centre in the Panchayat building which helps villagers fill up necessary documents to access benefits from various Government schemes focussed on agriculture, widow and old age pensions, rural housing, health benefits amongst others.

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